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The Tambua Health Community is a world-wide group of healthcare organizations collaborating to improve diagnostic technogies, patient care, innovate healthcare delivery, and achieve financial health

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Lewis Wanjohi

Chief Executive Officer

Lewis is a software engineer with a strong belief in the use of technology to solve the problems facing the developing world. Lewis has led his team in the development and deployment of many enterprise data management and analytics systems in Africa. Lewis is a certified software engineer, has worked with IBM and the MIT Media Labs in Robotics and AI projects.

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Daniel Gathigai

Chief Technology Officer

Daniel Gathigai is a Data Scientist and full stack Developer. Daniel has over five years in health tech software development and implementation. Daniel worked as a Safaricom and IBM Consultant for two years. Daniel’s first startup was a Fintech Company which created and implemented bulk payments processing and analytics for small and medium size copanies.

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Eric Kirima

Chief Systems Architect

Eric Kirima is a software engineer specializing in data analytics, data fusion and optimization. Eric has worked in software development and data analytics for three years.Eric is passionate about health and believes in the intersection of computer science and medicine to spring innovation in healthcare.

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Margaret York

Business Development

Margaret leads Commercial Business Development at Palantir Technologies, overseeing data strategy and customer success across U.S and European accounts. Prior to joining the Commercial business, she led the State and Local vertical of Palantir’s U.S Government business. Margaret believes technology and numeracy unlock our human potential to take control of the problems that matter most to us.

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Pro. Ted Smith

Medical Technology

Ted was the general manager of CNET's B2B brands and was a founding board member of NASA's National Space Biomedical Research Institute Industry Board. Ted holds a bachelor's degree in biology and psychology from Allegheny College and an MA and PhD in cognitive neuroscience from Miami University (Ohio). Ted's completed his post-doctoral studies at MIT.

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Rob Ruyak

Technology Development

Rob spent five years at Booz & Company developing business and technology strategies for commercial clients in the Energy & Utilities, Consumer Media, and Health markets. Prior to consulting, he spent 7 years developing and designing software products within the JavaSoft group at Sun Microsystems in Santa Clara, Carlifornia.

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John McDunn

Medical Technology

Jon is a biotechnology entrepreneur (Combion, Incyte Genomics, Metabolon, and Clinical Sensors). During his career, Jon has invented tools, techniques, and processes for bioanalysis and therapeutic delivery. His current company, Clinical Sensors, is developing a point of care assay for use in the intensive care unit to identify patients that are developing sepsis. Clinical Sensors has been awarded over $4M from the National Institutes of Health for this work.

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David Sengeh

Medical Technology

Biomechatronics researcher, MIT Media Lab, Sengeh took on the challenge to design the perfect fit for every prosthetic socket. Originally from Sierra Leone, he is today a PhD student at MIT's Media Lab. He's also the founder of Innovate Salone, a group aiming to inspire innovation in his country, anda cofounder of Lebone Solutions Inc., a company that won $200,000 from the World Bank to produce microbial fuel cells in Africa.

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Dave Harris

Business Development

Dave Harris is the Director of Operations for Rockies Venture Club (RVC), the longest running angel investor group in the US. Rockies Venture Club a non-profit organization furthering economic development in Colorado by connecting investors and entrepreneurs through conferences.

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